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Charter Schools and Me

Recently I found myself on the receiving end of ire, both public and personal, over the perceptions other people have of my stance on charter schools. I say it in that way because, to date, I have no stance on … Continue reading

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Go ahead, evaluate me; I triple dog dare you!

To begin, our current system rates teachers under five components; planning and preparation, instruction, classroom environment, professional responsibilities, and student achievement.  Within each of the first four components are a series of indicators or sub-components that were adapted from Charlotte … Continue reading

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I’m a teacher; do you want me to LOOK effective or BE effective?

  My Facebook status a week or so ago was to the effect of “I’ve been teaching plant science for five years; why do I still feel the need to create new activities every day?”.  My point was that I’m … Continue reading

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It’s not my fault!

  Ok I hate that I feel the need to write this, but I think people need to understand something.  It’s always someone’s fault.  If there is an effect, there was a cause.  That’s a basic tenet of nature.  I … Continue reading

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Somebody ought to do something

“Putting Our Values to Work: A Guide for the Association Human and Civil Rights Activist” as found on Often times when people hear or read about a wrong, they say somebody ought to do something about it. But the … Continue reading

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Soul Mates

  From “The Symposium”, The Dialogues of Plato, Volume 2.  “Again, the form of each human being as a whole was round, with back and sides forming a circle, but it had four arms and an equal number of legs, … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Talk

There are two things I’d like to address in this message; legislative awareness/activity and responsibility. Let’s start with a troubling recent trend: SOPA. To be completely honest, I immediately went to to make sure I know what I’m talking … Continue reading

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Hello world!

This will be fun 🙂

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