Freedom and Courage

I have not blogged in a while, although lately it’s been on my mind a lot to do so. Today I felt, between a comment I read on Facebook and some blogs I follow, that I should make a statement about the fine line people must walk between their beliefs and their responsibilities. Especially when those beliefs seem to come in direct contradiction with their responsibilities.

I am a teacher, There is no surprise to any of my readers in hearing that. I enjoy what I do, although I have my bad days just like anyone else. I attribute my bad days to things other than the current state of education, and I like to think that’s because I can separate my emotions from outside considerations. This is something it took a long time for me to learn and be able to do, and it is not a skill that comes easily or is maintained easily.

I am also involved with several subsidiary organizations designed to advance education. I believe strongly in those organizations and fully support their missions, mottos, values, and beliefs. Being a member of these organizations enriches my personal life and makes me a better teacher. They bring me into contact with many other teachers who feel the same way I do and are willing to take a stand within the confines of ability to effect a change for the betterment of the many.

We need people in society today who are willing to put aside the petty squabbling and advancement of personal agendas or profiteering in favor of cooperation and brotherhood. We need people who make intelligent, informed decisions in the best interest of the American people, and we need to take advantage of the information age to do so. We must advance the cause of social justice. WE MUST NOT BE AFRAID TO DO WHAT WE KNOW IS RIGHT.

I speak as a person, and sometimes as a parent, and always with “insider information” by virtue of reading, educating myself, and being involved in the educational community in my various roles.

When I find error, I will fight it. When I find light, I will follow it. When I have a duty to an organization or affiliation, I will follow it to the best abilities of my being.

When I am wrong, I will admit it.

This blog, my social media sites, and any posts I make therein are part of who I am. They are me. I am not apologetic and I will not stand chastened for my beliefs or values.

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