Reading After Lights-On

Predictably, both my young boys were up prior to the sun this morning, which foreknowledge did not preclude their wanton parents from being up past midnight socializing with friends, working, and just chatting as a couple. When their extremely pregnant mama bear strode down the hallway in a stretched-to-the-max bathrobe and made both of them get back into bed, silence reigned in the house, but sleep was gone for the morning.

This is why I found myself going through my “stuff to read” folder prior to 7 am on a Sunday morning. This is where during the week I move all my blog posting notifications, TV recap links, and anything else that warrants my attention but won’t get it at that moment. When I’m sitting in the boys’ room at night calming fears and ensuring sleep, I delve into that folder. When I’m waiting at the doctor’s office or for the next five minutes before my meeting to tick by, I break out those 30-40 saved e-mails and I read them. I usually even follow the links to read the primary sources being discussed therein.

What I learned this morning was all about the impending implosion of the American educational system, sponsored by your friendly neighborhood corporation-people.

Progressive liberals are afraid to speak out because they backed the current administration and don’t want to sound stupid. Parents are referring to their children as “special interests” in a snarky reference to an issue in NYS. Conservatives are rebelling and right-wing extremists are holding their collective breath like pouty little children “denied their candy”. The middle class is too busy looking for a lifeboat to protest, and those who can are taking care of their own while leaving the rest of America behind.

The true irony in this is that every single one of those groups is undermining the Great American Dream in their selfishness. They are contributing to the “survival of the fittest” mentality at best, the “head in the sand” mentality at worst.

What we need today are people of action. People who aren’t afraid to take a risk, to be wrong, to listen, to question, to challenge, and to humbly accept.

By YOUR silence, America, you are allowing the destruction of what has long been considered the best nation in the world.

Is it too late? I’m not sure. My mind is stuck on “repeat” with the Genesis song “Land of Confusion” listed as Track 1.

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