What To Expect In Wilmington’s Schools If Charters Are Allowed Into Delaware


Just look 30 miles north to Philly… Exactly what is currently being proposed by Jack Markell and Mark Murphy for the taking over of  the 6 schools with GPS coordinates closest to Rodney Square….. mirrors that which went down in Philly…. Exactly…. Step by Step…

There are only three American Publications worth noting. Salon is one  of them… This week they focus with razor sharpness on the planned demise of the Philadelphia School system… Any legislator who does not read this, needs marked for extinction……

“Imagine sending your child to a school with a leaky roof, busted windows and a rodent infestation.
Or worrying whether the elementary school where you take your daughter every day is really a health hazard.
Or telling your teenager to feel good about attending a school with no sports or athletic programs of any kind in winter or summer and no instrumental music…

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