Murder Town

I’m so fed up with this indignation about the “Murder Town” show. Where was the outrage when children were being struck by stray bullets? Where were the rants when mothers were holding bleeding sons?

Now we want to say it’s someone else’s fault. Well guess what. It’s not. It’s our fault. Mine and yours and everyone else’s who isn’t helping solve the problems.
So forgive me if I take this as just another fact of life and, instead of being angry that a show is being made, I do something about what caused it to be possible in the first place.
Actually, you know what? I don’t want your forgiveness. I want your action. You who send your kids to private and charter schools because of those city kids in your neighborhood schools instead of getting involved with your feeder school’s community to make a positive difference. You who won’t go to the city because of fear. You who vote against giving communities and schools the social supports they need to help. You who live a life of luxury while giving a pittance to help others. 

I truly do not care whether a tv show is made about the issues facing our city. 

I care about the actual lives of the actual people who actually endure the hardships and losses the show will portray. 

And I’m going to go out and make a difference. 

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