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Regarding Variety

Hi friends. It’s me again. Thanks for reading along. I’d like to take a moment to address variety. Variety is defined by Webster as “the state of being varied or diversified; difference; a number of different types of things”. Webster … Continue reading

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The Test Secrets Revealed……

Originally posted on kavips:
Since I’m in Delaware, I couldn’t reveal my signed obligations… But someone in New Jersey can… And likewise, I can reveal questions off the PAARC in New Jersey, whereas no teacher in New Jersey can….. And it…

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The PARCC Test: Exposed

Originally posted on The Season Of Myths:
This was originally written on another blog.  I will just call it Celia’s blog.  It was about the PARCC Test, released by the corporate education reform monster Pearson.  Pearson made Celia take off…

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