Soul Mates


From “The Symposium”, The Dialogues of Plato, Volume 2. 

“Again, the form of each human being as a whole was round, with back and sides forming a circle, but it had four arms and an equal number of legs, and two faces exactly alike on a cylindrical neck; there was a single head for both faces, which faced in opposite directions, and four ears and two sets of pudenda, and one can imagine all the rest from this.” 

He goes on to say that these round creatures were very strong and “they tried to storm Heaven in order to displace the gods.” Zeus is more kind than Yahweh since he doesn’t simply drown them; instead he cuts them in two. Thus each of the three types of circle people; male-male, male-female, and female-female spend their lives trying to find their missing halves.” 

The interpretive part is from a yahoo answers website. I just enjoyed the actual quotes. I got turned onto this by the TV show “Bones”.

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